how to increase download speed on pc

how to increase download speed on pc

To increase download speed on the computer there are some simple steps that you can do. Like first of all you can restart your computer and also restart your router. Some cache stored in the computer browser memory or multiple applications may interrupt the download speed like that there are multiple steps that you can do to speed up your download on the computer. So let’s start with some of the steps below later we will move to some advanced settings to increase the download speed on pc.

How to increase download speed on pc with simple steps

  • Clean up Browsers – Browsers are simply the software that helps you to surf the internet like Google Chrome, Mozilla, or basic for windows Internet explorer. When you them for a long time they may have stored a lot of cache and cookies. You need first to clean up these caches and cookies from the browser to speed it up. As actual downloading is happening from the browser that you are using.
  • Restart your Router and Computer – If speed is not coming correctly then first you restart your Router first as running continuously may impact the performance of the router after restart it will start with a boost. Restart your computer so a lot of cache memory used in this session will expire and your computer will also work efficiently.

Increase download speed on pc with some more settings and ideas

  • Turn off wifi on unused devices- There are multiple devices that usually connect to a single wifi in a home or small office situation. Now if you want full download speed as per what your Wifi/Lan is providing you need to either turn off all unused devices or disconnect them from the internet as they are also sharing your internet bandwidth.
  • Connect with 5Ghz if you are on Wifi– If you are using a good router then it should have two kinds of bandwidth one 2.4 GHz and the other 5 GHz. Now You need to be nearby your wifi router in order to connect with the 5 GHz connection of your router. Only in this Wifi connection of your router, is full speed open.

Prefer Lan over Wifi to increase the download speed

Always prefer Lan over the Wifi. If you even have a good router and you are connected to 5 GHz bandwidth but still Wired connection will provide you a better experience in comparison to wifi in continuous check. And once you will move a little far from the router 5 GHz connection may not work well as it works within close proximity.

One more thing here if you are connected with a wired connection please make sure that your LAN wire support at least a Gbps speed. Several ethernet wires come with only 10-100 Mbps speed.

Turn off other Internet using software’s after the restart

Once you restart the computer all the startup programs will automatically open. Now in between them if there are some unused programs that you are actually going to use in between your download then you can close them. Closing them will help you in two ways. First the internet they are using will be free and now they have a single task have download. Second, if your download is a big file and it may take a while then in between that time your computer will have less load and that will help the download to be continuity.

So these were some simple steps to speed up your download. In between these steps methods like cache cleaning, cookie cleaning, and other methods are not described in detail as there is a separate article for all these steps.

Now on the downside, there are some more advanced suggestions to increase download speed on pc

Adjust Your Router’s Settings (For Wireless Connections)

If you’ve got a decent router, you should be able to adjust the transmit power of the Wi-Fi signal, as well as the transmit mode.

In your router’s Wireless Basic Settings, select your desired mode. Choose 802.11 b/g/n mixed (if you have an older device), or ac or ax (if you have a newer device).

Make sure that the Transmit Power is set to High.

Use a wireless extender to increase the download speed (Wifi)

A wireless extender is a kind of device that will take the internet from your router and further transmit it. Now that works if you are a little far from the Router’s wireless range then in between your location and the router’s location, you can put the wireless extender in the middle.

Upgrade the firmware of your router

usually in most of routers, you can upgrade the firmware by Downloading the firmware update -> Logging in to the router’s interface -> System Tools -> Firmware Upgrade -> Upload the file.

Now just click on the Upgrade button. Note- Don’t power off the router in any condition otherwise it will brick (won’t work again)


So these were some more advanced options to increase the download speed on pc. For better help and assistance to resolve network and internet-related issues, you can always ask anything with a chat representative on our Website.  Along with that read these articles below to speed up your computer. Maybe a slow computer is actually responsible for your slow download speed –

Feel free to write down and ask anything in the comment section. We will keep writing important tricks, ideas, and methods to improve your experience in this digital era.

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